Sunday, May 29, 2005

Lola. Sola.

Date: Sunday, May 29, 2005
Sender: Leauxleaux
Subject: villa general belgrano, cordoba, argentina

hi everyone i find worth writing to and have an address for.

i am in an internet cafe amid the noise of 10 various computer games and 10 various argentine country kids. i really have to pee, so this won´t be the longest message. the internet cafe wherein i sit now typing is on the main street of the small mountain town of villa general belgrano, about 12 hours south of buenos aires in what might be called in the us, cordoba county. there are autumnescent (oak-like with pine) hills as far as the eye can see and the light today when i climbed out of my bus was low and smoky yellow--very much like in the foothills of the other sierras i know.

i will sleep tonight in a hostel-inn of sorts where there are big sheep dogs and woodstoves and swings swinging from the changing trees. i spent the weekend with fellow folks from my school in a town not worth mentioning, but did enjoy myself making new friends (my favorite was half french, but mostly english paschal, a large and loud man who had me laughing all the way down the mountain with stories about his travels in the u.s and his take on americans) . yesterday, we hired a van and rode out of the town i said before is not worth mentioning, drove up, up, up into the dry hills to the base of a granite mountain called ¨gigante¨ and then climbed to the top and saw for miles and miles and miles.

this morning, tired of being one of many, i left the group at the bus station and found a bus for this place and i am glad i did. it´s low season and the town is quiet and local-seeming. there are chocolate stores and beer gardens. (villa general belgrano is a town founded by germans in the 1930´s). i heard german in the supermercado come out of three mouths and spanish come only out of one, por ejemplo. the air has that autumn snap to it, but in general, the tourist office friend i made, (griselda) told me that it has been generally making calor. she also personally arranged for the mountain guide agency man to walk personally to the tourist office to talk personally to me about going on tuesday to climb champaqui--the highest mountain in this low range. i think it´s about 7000 feet if my metric and spanish conversions are correct. but, i am sola and if others don´t arrive who also need a ride to the mountain, they cannot afford to take me. perhaps, tonight, i will try to find some climbing buddies, but i really haven´t seen other tourist-types (people who are wearing synthetic coats and sunglasses). i was planning on climbing champaqui tomorrow and leaving tuesday morning for buenos aires. but, because i can´t climb the mountain until tuesday, if at all, i won´t leave until tuesday night and hopefully tiny teaspoon will forgive me! i´m just really enjoying the tranquilidad.

anyhoooooooooo...i just wanted to shout out to the masses and let those of you who might be worried about me know that i´m just fine and safe, just a little thought-ridden and very much enjoying being a stranger. i appreciate you and your love.


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