Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My new Bike... I'll Put Good pics up soon...

Originally uploaded by matthewzollinger.

You got yourself a p200?
Awesome man. White?
How mucho?

Man that's awesome. I call for a vespa rally sometime.
Course mine's still in pieces - but soon soon I'll have 210 cc's of piaggio power throttling me down the road like the king of the mods.

We are, we are, we are the mods.
Yep, that is not the right scooter I just threw that image on because that one looked just like mine.
It is a 1978 P200e! it is white and green, with a big pipe. It is a 200cc, but I just bought a 225 big bore kit for my winter project! So, it should be around 225-230cc with the bore kit and a larger pipe... Oh, the love! We need to go on a ride Jonny get your bike up and runn'in!
so simon, you planning on riding that thing down the legendary snake's back known as I 15? Cause there may be one suckah interested pretty soon...
225 cc - you should be able to get nigh 40 horsepower from a piped block that big.

One word

Got any reds?
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