Monday, January 16, 2006

A recent dream:

Oston and I are in the grocery store "doing a Sweep." He gets all the stuff off the shelves and pops his head around corners and appears, overall, to be very jazzed about the shopping. I am naked and extremely pregnant and I push the cart. It may be that we are getting groceries to take to the hospital for when I have the baby, which event is unambiguously imminent. We leave the store; Oston takes the groceries somewhere to wait for me, as we will be meeting up there later.

I take a walk. The walk turns out to be a trek of many miles. I am still naked, hugely pregnant, and now notice that I am barefoot also as my feet touch down on sharp stones and needly scrubbles. I cross fields, clamber over boulders and carefully make my way down steep cliff faces, where I have to lean out to peer over my belly just so to see where my feet should fall. The cliffs are rather precarious.

It seems like it should be a difficult journey, being such a long way and taking even longer because I have to take measures with regard to my expanded state and bare-feetliness; but it's actually no problem for me. I feel exposed, but not vulnerable. I am healthy and capable and strong. It is suggested that I may be Extra Strong or have bonus power/vitality owing to my impregnated state. Anyway I feel very safe and confident in the desert and I have plenty of time to get there before dark, so I trek on steadily.

By the time I reach the highway my dog Lucy has joined me on my walk. The car is parked at the side of the road, as expected, and we merge into traffic to begin driving back. I am talking toOston on the cell phone to let him know we are on our way, but I have to hang up because of trying to hang on to Lucy who gets afraid riding in the car and keeps shifting around sketchily making me worried that she'll blow away as the auto is a convertible one. She makes herself too stiff to be moved, but I manage to get a grip on her collar and we both feel more secure from that point. I look down and see how white my skin is under the sun, the expanse of the skin of my breasts and my mammoth belly fitting barely snugly behind the steering wheel. I can see a little bit of my legs below the belly, not much, but there they are whiteglowing. I am so fair and luminous that I have to put on my sunglasses. I feel just the right temperature, am astonishingly comfortable in fact, and I hang on to Lucy and drive on with my hair blowing.

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