Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lawrence Wenngroddhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif

I wonder. Let's put the name Lawrence Wenngrodd right here and see how many folks come over from this Newsweek article.

Hey! Maybe leave a comment if you're a Lawrence Wenngrodd seeker...

I found you man!!!!!

Yes googling Lawrence Wenngrodd gave results!!!
HAHAHA. Yes. I googled.
I googled. Your site is boring except for that fuzzy lobster.
Dead end.
amazing... fooled by the media once again !
This better be worth getting tricked into reading ...
It almost was.
omg, I can't wait 'till the movie comes out! =]
got me, too.
I googled. It's just too easy.
I totally did it too. Embarrassed.
how was I tricked?
congrats on using newsweek and google to get hits. can't wait till this movie comes out.
Bastard. You're top of Google for the name.
you got me prick!
very good sir, but one good turn deserves another. so inturn i will give you something to google t3hflax0r <<<<<<<<<<<< that guy likes pbr as well, and has links to another pbr gang of sorts.
So what used to be the top hit before Newsweek and y'all?
yeah thanks for ruining my search
hehe nice one, almost as cool as my website www.palaceplanet.net
hehe nou blij kheb toch nix beters te doen :p fanculo lol
You're #4 on Google. Congratulations!
Rats, you suckered me in!
got me
try googling
"Martin Pursley"
Hook, line and sinker. Good thing this site can be masturbated too...
Click on MY name.
Yup, Google. You're amazing.
Yep, googled in.

Not sure why that was even in the article....
whoo hoo another bites the cheese
another google punk here... cheap hit!
wahwahweewah. yegshemesh
Yeah... where am I actually supposed to go to find info?
got me
yo yo, already saw it in the result, clicked anyway :) nice trick...
Lawrence who? I blog hopped here :)
so, isn't it time for some new shit on this blog?
After all of this time you're still at the top of google for Lawrence Wenngrodd results.

I skimmed your blogs. Good times. You seem a bit annoyed with the French. Are you one of those freaks who started calling them "Freedom Fries"?

I have been looking for a McSponge for my McPussy! Where did you find it? I'm looking for one for my McBunghole as well. Let me know when you find one of those.
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