Tuesday, April 18, 2006

heavenly father (by leaux)

yeah--so my heavenly father is my dad who can make cous cous taste thai in the bottom of a canyon even though it's raining and can tell you all about the comings and goings of the tarantula wasps and peregrine falcons. PFs, in case you don't have your own personal lawson, mate for life. when mr. falcon is feeling like he needs a shag, he catches some kind of swallow or bunny and in mid-air, in the mid-fucking-air, he talons it over to mrs. falcon as a gift. then, she kisses him with her cloaca and together they make a nest in the crack of some desperately tall cliff-face. There are only 162 pairs in Utah. We slept in an alcove underneath some and could hear their babies.

Tarantula wasps, in case you were wondering, prey only on tarantulas. they dive down and sting the unsuspecting arachnid. but the spider does not die. instead it is paralysed, at which point the wasp drags it back to its burrow and lays a single egg on it's furry little paralysed back. when the wasp larva hatches, it raises itself on nice fresh live tarantula meat. mmm mmm good.

my time was full of all kinds of observations--large and small. i'm pretty cool!

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